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Two Decades of Market Mapping Investment Talent

Our myopic focus on one industry has allowed us to competitor intelligence market map every department qualitatively and quantitatively to find the ideal human capital for our clients.

For the quantitative insights, we look at details such as the amount of capital raised, the types of investors the capital is raised from, and the types of strategies the capital is raised for. For the qualitative insights, we talk to investors, partners and other industry insiders to learn how each candidate performs on the job and how they might fit into a new team. This dual approach allows us to identify the best candidates while giving us an unmatched level of breadth and depth into what’s happening in the alternative investment industry. We work with both firms searching for marketers, and with individuals searching for a marketing position.

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Scientific Approach

Our team of Data Investigators takes a scientific approach to tracking and sourcing leading candidates. Through this, we’ve designed a mapping system to visualize the entire distribution and investment team, which also includes details on portfolio management performance. We also provide 360° Investor Referencing™ Methodology to analyze each candidate’s asset-raising capabilities and individual style.

  • Visual mapping of the entire distribution and investment team
  • Detailed color on portfolio management performance
  • 360° Investor Referencing™ Methodology on candidate track record

We Offer a Full Range of Execution Strategies, Customized to Each Clients’ Needs and Priorities

  • Executive Search

    We use a team of Data Investigators to thoroughly analyze the track records of investment and distribution candidates according to their experience, compensation demands, and team fit.

  • LP/GP Referencing

    We do a quality check on all candidates by speaking directly with the LPs and GPs whom they have worked with over the course of their careers, leveraging our far-reaching network of marketing professionals and institutional investors.

  • Compensation Benchmarking & Analysis

    We advise both firms and individuals on compensation matters, including by tracking the benchmark compensation for different positions at different types of firms and making sure that each candidate gets fair compensation based on their qualifications.

  • Diversity Platform Audit

    We analyze the range and commitment to diversity across every competitor intelligence market map produced at the firm. This product provides an end-to-end visualization of the data required to assess and measure diversity and inclusion across all front office functions at each asset management firm, providing a level of transparency necessary to hold each firm accountable on its commitment to Diversity.

  • 360 Investor Referencing™ Methodology

    We use a proprietary qualitative and quantitative scientific approach to analyze each candidate’s asset-raising capabilities and individual style. Our research team tracks the full asset-raising history of a candidate to verify the critical background and credentials provided. In addition, through our behavioral analysis we are able to discern the approach of each candidate by scrutinizing how they raise capital in detail.


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