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Tallulah Tadlock Director of Product and Sales

Tallulah Tadlock is responsible for running a team of data investigators and analysts.

Ms. Tadlock and her team identify and track all distribution and investment hires—including departures and promotions—across Jensen Partners’ database of 900+ alternative investment firms and additional platforms offering alternative products. This tracking process involves gathering and analyzing large sets of structured and unstructured data from numerous sources, which is then fed into Jensen Partners’ proprietary data analytics product.

Ms. Tadlock is also responsible for Jensen Partners’ Diversity Platform Audit product, which analyzes the range and commitment to diversity across every competitor intelligence market map produced at the firm. This product provides an end-to-end visualization of the data required to assess and measure diversity and inclusion across all front office functions at each asset management firm, providing a level of transparency necessary to hold each firm accountable on its commitment to Diversity. Ms. Tadlock also assists in providing market intelligence on evolving distribution and investment structures and human capital behaviors based on the organizational charts of firms within the alternative investment space. 

Ms. Tadlock graduated from Scripps College with a Political Science degree focusing on political economy. She attended the London School of Economics and Political Science where she studied Philosophy with a focus on artificial intelligence. 


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