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For years, many alternative investment firms have been claiming their commitment to improving workforce diversity and treating workers more equally. Yet, despite the significant effort and resources devoted to the goal of greater workforce diversity, the empirical evidence consistently shows little progress has been made.

What we at Jensen Partners have learned as we help the largest alternative asset managers around the world hire and retain talent is that when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), good intentions are not enough.

For real change to happen, asset managers must apply the same rigor to DEI as they apply to other core business objectives.

To give asset managers the tools they need to make DEI a core business objective, Jensen Partners mapped the full organizational hierarchy of all the top managers and platforms across the alternatives industry to develop the Jensen DiversityMetrics™ platform.

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Rich Diversity Analytics and Human Capital Research Data

With Jensen DiversityMetrics™, firms can benchmark against competitors, develop diverse candidate pipelines, analyze hiring and retention practices, identify biases in workplace culture and report progress to investors.

By combining quantitative analytics with qualitative information, managers can gain deeper insights into how company culture and management style either promote or discourage diversity. With those insights, managers can leverage data to design, implement, maintain and measure DEI initiatives over time and then periodically assess and refine based on the rate of progress toward the goal.

We provide a 360º view of where a firm stands on DEI and how they can make meaningful progress toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce.

  • Verified demographic data for more than 25,000 investment and distribution professionals from across the industry
  • A candidate pipeline of over 8,000 investment and distribution professionals who self-identify as having a diverse background
  • A proprietary scoring algorithm that enables objective DEI comparisons across firms and industries
  • A 20-person team of recruiters and data investigators engages with portfolio managers, capital raisers, investors and distribution professionals on every alternative asset platform to gather first-hand, self-reported diversity and inclusion data for each platform.
  • We leverage a proprietary database of more than 22,000 global capital raisers alongside relationships with more than 600 alternative investment firms around the world.
  • We’ve tracked more than 14,000 marketing moves across the alternative investment industry since 2014, giving our clients the depth and breadth of data necessary to find the best talent and make the best recommendations.

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