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Jensen Partners Q2 2020 Newsletter: The Age of the Product Specialist


One of the few constants in a time of constant change is the continued growth and sophistication of the alternative investment industry. What was once considered a niche investment approach has ballooned into a sector that in many instances rivals traditional investing in the competition for institutional capital.

However, this growth in both the scope and scale of the alts space has presented new challenges for fund managers raising capital, particularly as strategies grow more complex and managers expand to new sources of capital. 

This overall trend has given rise to the product specialist, someone who can effectively sit between the marketing/sales teams and the portfolio management teams. The responsibilities of a product specialist are multi-faceted – explaining the ins and outs of an investment strategy, standing in for a portfolio manager during investor calls, supporting marketing professionals with fundraising, working with business development teams to create new funds and products, filling out investor DDQs, writing investment policies, editing ESG reports, etc. – the list goes on.

The need for such product specialists has only increased in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with investors understandably concerned about market upheaval and PMs feeling over-stretched by dual demands. Product specialists have been able to step into this environment and prove themselves as an invaluable resource at a time when the combination of market fluctuations and massive central bank interventions have spooked or unnerved many a troubled investor.

This increased specialization within the marketing function is a big part of the reason why we continue to expand our database of marketing moves to look at emerging or niche investment strategies (e.g., infrastructure, ESG, impact investing, etc.) and variances across geographies. We see the product specialist as a preview of the future marketer – someone who can provide in-depth expertise on a particular investment strategy or someone with investor relationships in a particular region. This may also be a sign of things to come for the marketing function more broadly, with alternative investment firms requiring an increasing number of highly specialized marketing professionals rather than a small number of generalists. This bodes well for candidates that can bring a unique skillset that clearly differentiates them from other marketers or product specialists.

This theme of specialization alone shines through in our data for the quarter. Overall, we tracked 403 marketing moves in Q2, bringing the total for the year so far to 910, a significant increase from the 611 moves we recorded through the first half of 2019. This should quell any concerns about a slowdown of fundraising in the alternative investment space; on the contrary, fundraising seems to be trending upwards as investors look for more stable and differentiated sources of return. This is certainly true of the strategies that tend to have longer holding periods, including Private Equity (44 moves), Credit (42 moves), Real Estate (29 moves), and Infrastructure (10 moves). 

However, while there are plenty of signs for optimism, the events of this year have many in the alternative investment community feeling understandably nervous about a big fundraise or career change. The ongoing health pandemic has changed the way many financial professionals work – perhaps irrevocably – and threatens to shift the center of power away from cities like New York City and London. Indeed, in a world in which location may no longer matter, we may see the rise of the nomad marketer who has the flexibility to live and work from any spot on the globe.

We will continue to monitor the data and engage with our contacts across the industry in an attempt to detect and predict these potential shifts in the market. And as always, we will keep our readers updated on the latest news and trends.


Sasha Jensen

Sasha Jensen

News Corner

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Data Highlights

Here are a few of the most interesting data points from Q2:

We tracked 403 marketing moves in Q2, a modest drop from the 507 moves recorded in Q1 but still +17.8% on the 342 moves in Q2 2019. This brings the total for the first half of the year to 910 moves, up by nearly 50% (48.9% to be exact) from the 611 moves over the same time period in 2019. 

  • The biggest hirers of marketing talent in Q2 were, in order, Wealth Management firms (97 moves), Multi-Asset firms (67 moves), Hedge Funds (52 moves), Private Equity firms (44 moves) and Credit firms (42 moves). These are consistently the five most active sectors in the alternative investment industry, although the top spot continues to trade places with Multi-Asset and Wealth Management firms competing for the top of the table.

  • Hiring was down in Q2 across almost every sector, with the lone exceptions being Fund of Funds (12 moves in Q1 vs. 17 moves in Q2), Hedge Funds (46 vs. 52), Secondaries (2 vs. 17) and Wealth Management (87 vs. 97). This is perhaps to be expected given Q2 was one of the most tumultuous periods in recent human history. However, we see hiring beginning to tick upwards as some countries emerge from their lockdowns and as markets stabilize.
  • There was a steep drop in hiring among Multi-Asset firms (154 moves in Q1 vs. 67 moves in Q2) and Real Estate firms (40 vs. 29). The drop in Multi-Asset firms alone accounts for 83.7% of the overall drop in hiring from Q1 to Q2, with most other sectors remaining largely consistent. This may just be a reversion to the mean from an unusually busy Q1 with many Multi-Asset firms potentially satisfied with their existing marketing teams, but only time will tell. As for the dip in Real Estate numbers, this can be directly linked to the pandemic with commercial real estate prices in many cities plummeting as more workers make the switch to virtual mode. It may take a few quarters for the real estate market to rebound and for fundraising to return to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Geographically, we saw a noticeable uptick in hiring in the UK and the rest of Europe, even in a quarter in which hiring was down overall compared to Q1. This likely has to do with the disparities between how the U.S. and European countries have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many major European financial centers reopening while the U.S. may be facing a prolonged lockdown.

A Spotlight on Diversity

With diversity emerging as a top-of-mind issue for alternative investment firms in 2020, we dig deep into our data to see how well the alternative investment industry is improving diversity among the ranks of marketers.

  • In Q2, we tracked 151 diverse candidates (102 female candidates + 49 male non-Caucasian candidates), representing 37.5% of all marketing moves in the quarter. This is disappointingly the lowest diversity percentage we’ve recorded since we began tracking diversity data in 2017, and a steep drop from the 53.6% figure we saw in Q1. 
  • Many alternative investment firms are taking proactive steps to improve the diversity of their teams, including by mandating diverse shortlists for every search, expanding opportunities for women and people of color, and partnering with non-profit organizations to increase the potential talent pool. While some of these efforts have been in place for years, we saw several new hiring and training initiatives come to the forefront in Q2 in the wake of the protests against systemic racism and police brutality.
  • We expect the diversity numbers to tick continuously upwards in future quarters as these initiatives gain ground and as institutional investors hold their managers accountable on diversity issues.
  • We will share additional diversity data and a preview of our new custom-built diversity database in our next newsletter coming in September 2020.

The Churn

The Churn is a quarterly feature that looks at which alternative investment firms are the most active on the recruiting front. UBS and JPMorgan tied for the highest number of new hires (11), but they also led the way with the most departures—24 and 14, respectively. Given the pandemic, only a handful of firms were net hirers in Q2, including Blackstone (+4), Capital Group (+3) and Lyxor Asset Management (+3). 

Current Mandates

See below for a partial selection of current mandates. Contact us at info@jensen-partners.com to learn more about each search.

HIRING: $40B Private Equity firm with specificity to growth and credit strategies
ROLE: Head of West Coast
LOCATION: California 
DESCRIPTION: Our client is looking to hire a marketing professional with highly established relationships in the West Coast. The successful candidate will either be an Up-and-Comer or hold long-term relationships across the LP universe in the region.

HIRING: Mid-markets European Renewables & Infrastructure Fund
ROLE: Head of Europe  
DESCRIPTION: Our client, an established mid-markets London-based Renewables Infrastructure Fund, is looking for a senior-level marketing professional to lead its operations and grow the business across Europe with current and new LP relationships.

HIRING: Global Placement Agent 
ROLE: VP or SVP Rising Star – Future Leader of the Business 
DESCRIPTION: Our client is searching for a highly talented, thoughtful distribution specialist who will cover parts of the East Coast and bring a new level of tenacity and energy to the platform. The client is looking for future leaders of the business.

HIRING: Global Private Fund group expanding into the Secondary Transaction business
ROLE: Head of Secondaries USA
DESCRIPTION: Our client is searching for an experienced secondaries executive who can drive the business from the US and lead transactions. The role will also involve building out a team.

HIRING: $40B private equity firm looking to build out a credit business after hiring a number of credit PM teams 
ROLE: Our mandate is to hire MDs, Project Managers and SVPs for this firm over the next six months
LOCATION: NYC and London
DESCRIPTION: Seeking senior-level marketers who know the private debt space well and can build out the firm from an LP perspective. The successful candidates will be those who can add immediate value and velocity to the team.

HIRING: Global US Placement Agent
ROLE: Head of Nordics Distribution
LOCATION: London or Copenhagen
DESCRIPTION: Our client, an established global US placement agent, is looking for a mid-senior level Nordics fundraising specialist with established LP relationships to assist with raising capital for their Private Markets GP client base spanning Real Assets, Private Credit and Private Equity. The successful candidate should have an established track record and relationships in the Nordics region, matched with UK and European GP origination experience.

HIRING: Global US Placement Agent
ROLE: Head of Middle East Distribution
DESCRIPTION: Our client, an established global US placement agent, is looking for a senior-level Middle East fundraising specialist with established localised relationships to assist with raising capital for their Private Markets GP client base spanning Real Assets, Private Credit, and Private Equity. The successful candidate should have a proven fundraising track record in the region and established institutional investor relationships with SWFs, Government Agencies, Corporations, Family Offices as well as localised and global investors. Language skills, a cultural appreciation, and working knowledge of Sharia law are expected.  

HIRING: London-based multi-billion Real Estate Private Equity Fund
ROLE: Head of US Investor Coverage and Fundraising
DESCRIPTION: Our client, an established London-based mid-markets Real Estate Fund, is looking for a US Investor Relations specialist to be based in London. The successful candidate should have an established real assets fundraising track record and a localised knowledge of the US Investor base. The candidate should also be comfortable with frequent travel to North America, with responsibility for nurturing existing as well as developing new LP relationships.

HIRING: $10B European Private Debt Fund
ROLE: Head of North American Sales 
DESCRIPTION: Our client, an established private debt fund, is looking for an experienced technical marketer to raise strategic capital from US investors. The successful candidate will have a track record of selling private debt strategies across multi-investor channels in the USA.

HIRING: $90B Private Equity firm with products spanning from Growth to Credit, Real Estate and Infrastructure
ROLE: Head of Europe 
DESCRIPTION: We are searching for a very experienced candidate who can sell private equity, real estate and infrastructure strategies across Europe and the Middle East. The successful candidate will be focused on distributing our client’s product to European investors and will be responsible for brand building and recognition in the region.

HIRING: $200B Private Equity Firm looking to grow its credit business
ROLE: Head of Europe
DESCRIPTION: We are searching for a highly experienced credit specialist to run Europe for our client; there will be the capability to build a team in the short term. The successful candidate will have a strategic and thoughtful approach to asset raising.

HIRING: $80B Multi-Asset Manager 
ROLE: Head of Sales USA
DESCRIPTION: We are searching for a senior professional to head up capital raising in North America. The successful candidate will have a longstanding track record of managing people and running a team. The firm is looking for a player/coach to lead the 20-plus team in the US and oversee the build-out of an important solutions business.

HIRING: $40B Private Equity firm with specificity to growth and credit strategies.
ROLE: Principal, Asset Raising
DESCRIPTION: Our client is looking to hire a technical and experienced private equity capital raising candidate who knows the East Coast, Southeast and Canada well.

HIRING: Mid-markets European Infrastructure Fund
ROLE: VP-level Investor Relations  
DESCRIPTION: Our client, an established mid-markets London Infrastructure Fund, is looking for a mid-level Investor Relations specialist to assist with coordinating all investor-related activities at a global level. The candidate will be expected to manage communications with existing investors, generate new leads and be directly involved with all fundraising initiatives. The successful candidate will have 6-10 years’ relevant experience and a demonstrable track record of developing UK and European LP relationships.

Marketing Moves

A curated selection of Q2 marketing moves across the following strategies: Credit, Hedge Funds, Infrastructure, Multi-Asset, Placement Agents, Private Equity, Real Estate, and Wealth Management.


  • Amy Halford joined Capital Group in May 2020 as Vice President- Senior Manager of Client Services Teams in Europe in London. She departs from BlackRock where she was Director, Head of UK iShares and Wealth Client Services Management. 
  • Andrew Tan has been appointed as Head of Asia Pacific Private Debt at Muzinich in Singapore. Tan joins from HSBC where he previously led the loans and special situations group in Asia Pacific. 
  • Avi Zukerman joined Avison Young in May 2020 in New York as Senior Director- Debt, Equity & Loan Sales. He joined from Kligier Capital where he was Managing Partner.
  • Catherine Halford Riera joins KKV Investment Management as Head of Sales in June 2020. She joined SQN Asset Management where she was Head of Institutional Sales since July 2019. 
  • Christos Danias joined Fair Oaks Capital in June 2020 as Principal in the London office. Danias is a 20-year veteran of the structured credit world, having been out of the market for the past two years after leaving his role as Managing Director in the CLO sales and origination team at StormHarbour Securities. 
  • Fergus Macfarlane joined Legal & General Investment Management as Associate Product Specialist, Private Credit. He joins from Janus Henderson Investors, EMEA & APAC, where he was a proposal writer. 
  • Jordan Milman, Global Head of Structured Products, joined Hayfin Capital Management in June 2020 in New York. He joined from Archer Datacenters where he was Founder and Chairman since August 2018.
  • Priya Kothary joined Brigade Capital as Senior Product Specialist in New York in May 2020. She joins from Redding Ridge Asset Management where she was Managing Director- Head of Business Development. 
  • Rob Hawcroft joined Argo Capital Management in June 2020 in London as Head of Business Development. After departing from his role as Director- Alternative Investments at HSBC Alternative Investments, he held various positions including assisting the Alpha UCITS platform in the UK. 
  • Susan George was appointed Head of Asset Management at White Oak Global Advisors. George previously worked for Garrison Investment Group as Head of Corporate Asset Management. 


  • Aaron Kelley has been appointed Vice President- Client Service and Marketing at Axiom Investors. Before joining Axiom, he was an Executive Director at AQR Capital Management.
  • Dane Fraser joined Balyasny Asset Management as Managing Director- Client Relationship Group in June 2020. He joins from UBS where he was Alternative and Direct Investments- Family Office Solutions. 
  • Daniel Allen joined BennBridge in June 2020 as Managing Director- BD Americas. He joined from Ainstein where he was COO since October 2019.
  • Dan Ragen joined Ridgedale Advisors as Partner, Senior Advisor in June 2020. He joined from Aspetuck Capital Management where he was Business Development, Marketing and Investor Relations since March 2017. 
  • Emily Needham joined ExodusPoint Capital Management in May 2020 as Business Development Director. She joins from Goldman Sachs where she was a Vice President for nearly 7 years. 
  • Franco Mancini joins Tabula Investment Management in March 2020 as Italian speaking coverage. He joins from Redhedge Asset Management where he was Business Development Manager since September 2017 in London. 
  • Jaclyn Lim joined M&G as Head of Institutional Sales, Asia ex-Japan in a bid to develop and strengthen institutional relationships in the region. In her newly created Singapore-based role, Lim will oversee teams based in Hong Kong and Singapore while reporting to Asia ex-Japan Head of Distribution, Berny Lin, who joined in January this year from Eastspring Investments. Lin has over 18 years of asset management experience in Asia, most recently with PIMCO Asia where she oversaw business development and regional institutional relationships in Asia. 
  • Jeffrey Pettiford joined Fort Washington Investment Advisors in June 2020 as Vice President- Business Development Officer. He joins from Window Rock Capital Partners where he was Head of Business Development and Investor Relations since 2014. 
  • Jennifer Oh, Investor Relations Specialist, joined Farallon Capital Management in April 2020. She joins from BlackRock where she was Vice President- Product Strategy.
  • John Kim has been hired by Western Asset Management as Client Service Executive for South Korean institutions and other countries in the region. Most recently, Kim served as head of BlackRock’s Institutional Business in Korea.
  • Kevin Dolsen joined Polen Capital in June 2020 as Global Head of Distribution. He previously worked at Castleark Management, where he was CEO responsible for client service, business development and all other operations outside of portfolio management. 
  • Manfred Schraepler joined Lemanik Asset Management as Head of Product in June 2020 in Luxembourg. He joins from Aquila Capital where he was MD- Financial Assets and Liquid Private Markets. 
  • Matthew Aptman joined Incline Global Management as Managing Principal. He hails from Everglades Partners where he was Managing Principal since March 2017. 
  • Quinn Fionda joined Isomer Partners as Partner, Head of Business Development and Investor Relations. They joined from Scopia Capital Management where they were Partner, Global Head of Business Development and Investor Relations for 11 years. 
  • Ryan Donovan, Managing Director – Institutional Sales, joined Man Group in May 2020 in New York. He joined from Allianz Global Investors where he was Director- Institutional Business Development. 
  • Simon Smith, Merian’s UK distribution boss, has left the business ahead of its acquisition by Jupiter and landed at River & Mercantile Asset Management. Smith joined River & Mercantile in June as Managing Director- Head of UK Wholesale Distribution. He replaces Mark Thomas who left the fund group for Jupiter in December to become its Head of UK Sales. 
  • Thomas Justen appointed by Eaton Vance as Business Development Director for Germany and Austria in June 2020. Prior to this, Justen was Head of Wholesale Business, DACH at Jyske Capital. 


  • Boe Pahari, Global Head of Infrastructure Equity, has been appointed CEO of AMP Capital. Based in London, Pahari also serves as the firm’s director for the northwest region (UK, Europe, and the Americas), a role that he will continue to serve after taking on the CEO post. 
  • Emily Rodgers, Senior Vice President and Director, joined EIG Global Energy Partners in April 2020. She joined from Apache Corporation where she was Environmental & Sustainability Director since March 2020. 
  • Kathryn Leaf, Pantheon’s global Co-Head of Infrastructure, is set to step down from her role at the end of June. Fellow co-head Andrea Echberg will be taking over her responsibilities and becoming the firm’s sole Head of Infrastructure. 


  • Adam Gent has been appointed Head of Intermediated Business at Artemis Investment Management effective August 2020. Most recently, Gent served as head of retail and wholesale for Northern Europe for Allianz Global Investors. 
  • Catherine McLaughlin joined Allianz Global Investors in June 2020 in London as a Director. She joined from State Street Global Advisors where she was VP- UK Institutional for nearly 8 years. 
  • Dean Heaney has joined Franklin Templeton as Head of UK Institutional. He will oversee the development of institutional client strategy in the UK and will lead sales and marketing activities. Most recently, Heaney was Head of Government and Strategic Institutions for the UK and Ireland at Invesco. 
  • Dewey Perrella was appointed Senior Director of Consultant Relations on the North American distribution team at Columbia Threadneedle Investments. Perella was previously on the consultant relations team at State Street Global Advisors.
  • Hagen Schremmer joined BNP Paribas as CEO Asset Management Germany in June 2020 in Frankfurt. He joins from DWS where he was Head of Global Wholesale and Retail Distribution since Feb 2017. 
  • Herman Chan joined Natixis Investment Managers in June 2020 as Director- Head of Institutional Sales, Hong Kong & Macau. He joins from PineBridge Investments where he was Vice President- Strategy & Business Development for five years. 
  • Lora-Ann Chiginsky appointed by Asset Management One as Director of Business Development for EMEA. She joins the firm in a time of growth following the appointment of Andrea Favaloro as head of the team. Prior to this appointment, Chiginsky was at Nikko Asset Management as Director, EMEA Institutional- Business Development and Relationship Management. While there she launched the firm's European institutional business and expanded Japanese and Asian equity products to European clients. 
  • Maria Ryan has joined HSBC Global Asset Management as Head of Institutional Sales for the UK, Scandinavia, and the Middle East. Ryan joins from DWS Group where she was Head of UK and Nordics Distribution.
  • Mickey Janvier joined Aberdeen Standard Investments as North American Distribution Head, a position vacant since December. Janvier will replace Jeff Klepacki who held the role for three years. Klepacki joined Vontobel Asset Management as Head of North American Intermediary sales in February. Janvier joined from Aberdeen in 2011 from Legg Mason. 
  • Thomas Otterbein is retiring after 26 years at PIMCO where he was Americas Head of Institutional Client Management. He will leave in June but will continue to serve in a consultant role according to a firm statement. 

  • Yaron Zafir joined Asante Capital Group in June 2020 as Senior Advisor. He joined from Rede Partners where he was Senior Advisor- Head of Secondaries and Transactions since April 2014.
  • Doug Powell joined Pinnacle Trust Partners as Managing Director in May 2020 as a member of the distribution, origination and deal management team. He joins from Oaktree Capital Management where he was Managing Director- Business Development and Client Relationships for all of Oaktree’s strategies. 
  • Grisha Maziya joined Castle Placement in June 2020 as Managing Director in Boston. He joined from Strategos Capital Management where he served as Vice President- Investor Relations since July 2012. 
  • Marc Dreier joined Lazard Asset Management in April 2020 in Zurich in a Wholesale Distribution role. He joined from Franklin Templeton Investments where he was Senior Sales Executive since September 2014.
  • Matt Mitchell joined FirstPoint Equity as Partner. He joined from SixPoint Partners where he was a Managing Director since 2017.
  • Max Goupit joined Evercore as an Associate in June 2020. He joined from Mercury Capital Advisors where he was an Associate.
  • Michael Glick joined BTIG in June 2020 as Managing Director- Credit Sales. Prior to his new role, he was a Director at GMP Securities. 
  • Nick Ohler joined Houlihan Lokey’s Private Fund Group in June 2020 as Vice President. He joined from Atlantic Pacific Capital where he was a Vice President since January 2018.
  • Todd Wilson departed from his Investor Relations role at DWS Group in October 2019 to join Cebile Capital. He joined Cebile Capital as a Placement Agent in May 2020. Shortly thereafter, in July 2020 he moved to C5 Capital in a Fund Operations role.
  • William Pearce joins FirstAvenue Partners in May 2020 as MD. He joins from AMP Capital where he was Director- Institutional Sales, the Americas since July 2018.


  • Anthony Williams joined Partners Group as Senior Client Relationship Manager in June 2020 in New York. He joined from Schroders where he was Institutional Business Development Director/Senior Client Advisor since 2004. 
  • Fabiana Andrade joined Oria Capital in May 2020 in Dallas as Partner responsible for leading the Private Equity group. She joins from Aqua Capital where she was Managing Director -Head of Investor Relations and North American Business Development. 
  • James Hewitt joined NextEnergy Capital as Vice President- Investor Relations in June 2020 in London. He joined from BlackRock where he was for nearly six years as Vice President- Institutional Sales. 
  • Jon Eckhard joined Investx Capital, a private equity tech platform, as Head of Sales. He joins from Invesco where he was Divisional Sales Director-West. 
  • Kaoru Fujita joined Blackstone as a Principal in April 2020 in Tokyo. She joined from Fidelity International where she has worked for 15 years most recently as Head of Sales- Senior Product Strategist. 
  • Katie Kornel was named Partner of Investor Relations by Linden Capital Partners. Kornel joins from Credit Suisse where she worked for 15 years, most recently as Managing Director in the private fund group. 
  • Kyle Mallen joined Sixth Street in May 2020 in London as MD. He joins from Sculptor Capital Management where he was MD- Investor Relations and Sales since Feb 2013.
  • Parker Johnson departed his position as Managing Director at Cowen Investment Management where he held a distribution role. As of yet, no word on where to. 
  • Samuel Riter joined Stonyrock Partners in June 2020 as Head of Business Development and Strategy in New York. He joined from Centerbridge Partners where he was Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of Investor Relations. 


  • Adam Cibik joined Workspace Capital Partners, a newly formed industrials shop in Austin, as Managing Partner in June 2020. He joins from Nordic Realty Partners where he was Managing Director since August 2018 in Austin for 2 years. 
  • Adam Handwerker joined Rialto Capital in June 2020. He is responsible for capital raising and business development for the Miami shop, which invests in equity and debt. Handwerker jumped from New York advisory firm Hodes Weill & Associates, where he held the same title. He joined that firm about a month after it launched in 2009. Before that, he had stints in Credit Suisse’s placement-agent unit. 
  • Bradley Petersen joined Jamestown, a real estate investment firm, as Senior Vice President- Investor Relations and Capital Raising in June 2020. He joined from Garrison Investment Group where he was Director- Investor Relations & Fundraising since Feb 2016. 
  • Brandon Harrington joined NorthMarq in June 2020 as Managing Director- Multifamily Debt and Equity providing capital solutions for entrepreneurial and institutional multifamily investors. He joined from JLL where he was Managing Director- Capital Markets Multifamily Finance. 
  • Chad Pike, the former Co-Head of Blackstone’s real estate business and founder of its tactical opportunities unit, retired from the firm in July 2020. 
  • Chris Clayton joined L1 Capital, the Melbourne boutique firm, as Head of Distribution in May 2020. He joined from Seed Partnerships where he was Partner since August 2017. Prior to that, he was Head of Sales and Marketing at BT Investment Management.
  • Christopher Monsif joined Angelo Gordon in June 2020 as Director- Real Estate Product Specialist. He joins from Hodes Weill & Associates where he was Principal since Feb 2016 and Head of Advisory Services. 
  • Drew Ahlers joined B6 Real Estate Advisors as Associate Director- Capital Advisory in June 2020 in New York. He joined from Newmark Knight Frank where he was Associate Director- Debt & Structured Finance since March 2019. 
  • Gregory Laskody joined BGI Capital in June 2020 as Managing Director. He joins from Haute Commercial Real Estate where he was Principal- Sales. 
  •  Javier Vergara has joined Castle Lanterra Properties (CLP) as a Director on the Investor Relations and Marketing team. Vergara previously served as Vice President of Carmo Companies where he planned and executed events focused on capital introduction of family office and institutional capital to developers and private equity real estate funds in North and Latin America. 
  • Liz Weiner joined Pennybacker Capital in June 2020 as Managing Director- Capital Formation and Corporate Strategy. Weiner hails from Sundial Park Group, a strategic marketing firm she founded and served as Managing Partner at since October 2017. 
  • Mark Savage, Head of Distribution for the UK and Ireland, has left Kames Capital after 16 years. He joined the firm in 2003 as a Business Development Manager. He became Head of UK Distribution in 2018. 
  • Michael Sheahan was appointed Global Head of Real Estate for Apex Group in London. The appointment comes after Apex revealed its connected real estate technology solution to enable the provision of real estate asset servicing, which currently accounts for over $300 billion in AUM along with private equity. Sheahan will assume responsibility for leading Apex’ real estate servicing line. He joined from Vistra where he held the role of global sector lead, real estate and acted as country managing director, Luxembourg. 
  • Partners Group former co-head of real estate for the Americas, Fabian Neuenschwander, has left the firm. Neuenschwander helped oversee an asset class worth over $15 billion for the firm globally, including via its secondaries strategy. 
  • Philippe Deloffre joined Intermediate Capital Group (ICG) responsible for leading the European (excluding the UK) origination and investment for the partnership capital and senior debt strategist. His new title is Managing Director- Head of Real Estate Debt Origination. Deloffre joined from BNP Paribas Asset Management where he was Head of Real Estate Debt. 
  • Zar Haro joined NorthMarq as Managing Director in June 2020. He joins from JLL where he was Senior Director. 


  • Aleksey Mironenko was appointed Global Head of Investment Solutions by The Capital Company, a financial adviser and asset manager specializing in global citizens and family offices. This hire greatly expanded the firm’s range of US wealth management capabilities. Mironenko previously was Partner & Chief Distribution Officer at Premia Partners for 3 years. 
  • Bjorn Schumburg joined BlackRock in May 2020 as Director, Aladdin Business Development. He is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He joins from HOOPP (Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan) where he was a Business Consultant. 
  • Chris Bushun has been appointed as Investment Solutions Director at Brooks Macdonald. He will work with the firm’s investment managers, providing intermediary clients with technical guidance. He joins from BlackRockwhere he was Director- EMEA Portfolio Analysis & Solutions. 
  • Elise Rosenberg joined Seven Bridge Advisors as Managing Director- Head of Business Development in May 2020. She joins from Barclays where she was Director, Capital Solutions since October 2013.
  • Hans Asoera has been hired by Raymond James as Senior Vice President. He previously oversaw more than $225 million in client assets at Edward Jones. 
  • Jorg Mayr joined Guinness Asset Management in June 2020 as Sales Germany and Austria. He joined from Alpha Strategies Gmbh where he was Managing Partner responsible for third party marketing.
  • Joshua Drazen joined Blackstone as Managing Director- Head of Product Strategy, Private Wealth Solutions in June 2020. He joins from BlackRock where he was Global Head of Credit Product Strategy. 
  • Kathy Martens joined Rockefeller Capital Management as ESG Consultant, Institutional Distribution in May 2020 in New York. She joined from Voya Investment Management where she was SVP- Institutional Client Advisor. 
  • Marc Van de Walle joined Standard Chartered as Global Head of its Wealth Management business. Van de Walle was most recently Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Products, Bank of Singapore and concurrent head of wealth for OCBC. 
  • Pedro Macedo joined Blackstone in April 2020 as Head of Business Development- Private Wealth Solutions. He joined from Merrill Lynch where he was CFO- Wealth Management. 
  • Puneet Matta has joined Credit Suisse as Head of Wealth Management in India. Matta was most recently with UBP where he held several leadership roles. 
  • RBC Wealth Management has brought on several financial advisor teams in the past two weeks, representing nearly $1.7 billion in combined client assets. In New York, Mark Bilski oversees roughly $650 million in client assets. He joined from UBS on Thursday along with four staffers: Melanie Clish, a senior business associate; Jeff Hyman a senior investment associate; Cathy Hillebrand, a senior registered client associate; Robin Bratone, a registered client associate. 

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