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Jensen Partners Releases The Alternative Asset Industry Diversity Report


There's no doubt about it: diversity is a huge issue in the alternative asset industry. It's also one that you can't afford to ignore.

Jensen Partners has uncovered compelling insights about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Alternative Asset Industry through extensive data collection. The Jensen Partners Diversity Report has the industry snapshot of where diversity stands today and maps out tangible steps to improve diversity in your firm right now.

Download the Alternative Asset Industry Diversity Report now!

Compelling Insights Predicting a More Diverse Future

To better demonstrate how the DEI movement is gaining momentum, we examine how private credit firms have progressed in diversity
For years, private credit has lagged behind nearly every other alternative asset class in nearly every measure of DEI. As recently as Q3 of 2021, we were asking, ‘why are private credit firms failing to measure up on diversity?
Yet, that dynamic has changed: starting in Q1 2022, we’ve seen a material improvement in gender diversity across private credit.
Actionable Steps Alternatives Firms Can Take to Prioritize DEI Across the Organization

The asset management industry is a data-driven one. Every decision, from purchasing a property to hiring a new employee, is backed by data. And yet, despite this reliance on data, many firms still struggle to improve their diversity pipeline.   The ability to aggregate metrics on diverse hiring, promotions, retention, and attrition provides managers with the tools necessary to make data-driven decisions and design better DEI programs and initiatives. We have identified tangibles steps asset managers can complete to build a more diverse pipeline that is backed by data.

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