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Business Insider | Recruiter Sasha Jensen has a plan to tackle Wall Street’s diversity problem

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By Danielle Walker

New York-based Jensen Partners has begun rolling out the tool, called DiversityMetrics, to clients after compiling data and working on the tool for around a decade, founder and CEO Sasha Jensen told Insider in an interview. She said the firm has now digitized about a quarter of the data it has collected over that time.

 Jensen said the firm launched the tool in part to demystify the hiring process, but also to make sure hiring managers were not just interviewing more candidates who are underrepresented in the industry, but actually placing them in roles.

 Over the past two to three years, Jensen said, she has noticed a “preference to talk about diversity, and not end up hiring diverse candidates.”

 The data bears that out. Across the entire pool of distribution professional in the data set compiled for Insider, at both the junior and senior level, women accounted for 39.6% of the total, while ethnic and racial minorities accounted for 22.5%......

Clients are now demanding more diverse candidates in their searches as a result, prompting the firm to roll out Diversity Metrics to help meet that demand.

The tool combines self-reported diversity data from firms with publicly available data and information from investment data service providers, so that Jensen can supplement details about firms’ diversity and inclusion efforts whether they disclose the data or not.

It anonymizes diversity data so that firms will be able to assess their own or peers’ metrics related to gender, race, ethnicity, and compensation at the team or company level. The tool currently tracks 30,388 positions, mainly in alternative investments.

Jensen’s aim is to also move DiversityMetrics “to a predictive model”...

To read the full article: http://www.parsintl.com/eprints/95408.pdf


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