Fundraising Realignment as Asset Backed Finance Takes the Lead

The start of 2024 was defined by stories about a challenging fundraising environment and concerns about macroeconomic forces. But as we reflect on the first few months of the year, several trends have emerged that signal growth in many sectors of the alternative investment industry. Asset-backed finance (ABF) gaining momentum One of the most exciting […]

Demand for Private Fund Groups Surges in Challenging Fundraising Environment

Recent headlines about the alternative investment industry have painted a picture of a market that is facing multiple headwinds (e.g., geopolitical tensions, stubbornly high interest rates, political uncertainty), leading institutional investors to treat their capital commitments with an extra dose of caution. This has created a fundraising environment that seems at times to be running […]

Capital Formation Headwinds but Tailwinds for the Select Few

After two straight years of nonstop fundraising, the last few months have been something of a rude awakening for many alternative asset management marketing professionals. Capital formation has shifted gears to the negative and many are finding the environment extremely tough.  This should, perhaps, not come as much of a surprise given recent headlines around […]

Secondaries Market Poised for Eruption in 2023

Let’s delve into a part of the alternative investment industry that is often overlooked but vitally important to our financial markets’ functioning — the secondaries sector. Secondaries investors have enjoyed a hot streak in recent months, with the total volume of transactions hitting a record $57 billion in the first half 2022, easily surpassing the […]

Distribution Hiring Data Spikes Up Despite Recession Calls

As central banks worldwide continue to fight inflation and other economic headwinds, many financial professionals and media pundits are stoking fears of an imminent recession. But the hiring figures collected by our data analytics team for the Jensen Partners database suggest a different story, one in which hiring remains strong and the job market is as competitive as ever.

Jensen Partners Releases The Alternative Asset Industry Diversity Report

Jensen Partners has uncovered compelling insights about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Alternative Asset Industry through extensive data collection. The Jensen Partners Diversity Report has the industry snapshot of where diversity stands today and maps out tangible steps to improve diversity in your firm right now.